TIJ VendMe Story

Our story begins in early 2020 where group of enthusiastic people started a new project that just simply wants to supply goods through an online shop and offer vending solutions. We operate in Ireland and are fully Irish company.



Vend Me, the meaning of those two words are to sell by means of vending machines and this is our goal. You can look at our shop as a vending machine with lots of products within just few mouse clicks of purchase.



To provide the best service and competitive pricing combined with quality products, all to achieve the best value for customers.


Our Products

We supply vending machines into offices or workplaces in Dublin area and beyond. Our service is free of any costs. We deliver and install our machines providing great maintenance and service at the same time.

We also keep vending machines fully supplied with your favourite goodies using the best technologies which allow us to monitor stock levels so machine never runs out of products.

Our online shop is like a endless vending machine where you can get singles or in bulk your favourite products delivered to your home or office address.