Vending Machines

Vending machines solutions to offices and workplaces in the Greater Dublin area and beyond. You can now avail of our services ABSOLUTELY FREE. We deliver and install our machines providing great maintenance and service at the same time. We also keep vending machines fully supplied with your favorite goodies using the best technologies which allow us to monitor stock levels so machine never runs out of products.

Tango vending machine


We strongly believe in the importance of providing a wide range of products whilst ensuring their highest quality. We source your favourite goodies from the industry’s leading producers and wholesalers to fill our machines with some of the best-selling brands, such as Cadbury®, Nestle®, or Coca-Cola®. If you can’t find a particular product, just contact us and we’ll do our best to source it for you.

Healthy Options

To keep up with an ever growing demand for healthy snacks in workplaces and businesses around Ireland, we are now stocking our vending machines with a wide variety of healthy alternatives to your regular snacks. Our healthy snack range includes popcorn, nuts, flapjacks, granola and protein bars, as well as mineral waters and juices. We can customize each machine to contain as many healthy choices as you wish in addition to the regular options, allowing you and your colleagues/customers to make a healthier choice.


Are there any costs for the installation and maintenance of a vending machine?

No, there is no charge. Supply, delivery, installation, and maintenance of your machine is all included. We also do not charge for delivering your choice of products.

What are the requirements to have a vending machine installed?

In order for a vending machine to be successful in a workplace, we would normally require a minimum of 20 employees, or even a high number of customer/contractor traffic. The two most basic requirements are space and a power source that could be used to plug the machine in.

What sizes of vending machines are available?

Our two most popular models are Tango H1830mm W890mm D793mm and a slightly smaller Jazz H1830mm W735mm D855mm.

How often is the vending machine restocked?

We use the best technologies which allow us to monitor stock levels so machine never runs out of products.

What are the payment options in the machines?

All of our machines are equipped with contactless card payment terminal. Also they equipped with banknote accepting mechanisms and will take €5 and €10 notes and also accept coins (0.05€ up to €2) and give change.

What happens if the machine breaks down?

We guarantee a technician to be on site within 48hrs, but usually it takes 1 working day.

Do I need to sign a contract?

By installing our vending machine you agree to some very simple Terms and Conditions, but we do not require a contract. We are happy to sign one, if you need it, though.

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